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APA Style

What Is It?  Who Uses It?

APA Style is the most frequently used format required for publication and for Ph.D. and Master’s theses.  Nursing schools, Education-Psychology departments, schools of Education, graduate Psychology graduate programs;   education and psychology journals; publishing houses—these institutions invariably require that submissions be formatted in APA Style.

APA Style is quirky, and difficult, particularly internal citations and elements of the reference list.  Many writers find APA mind-boggling.  Graduate schools offer courses in APA Style, and/or recommend that students purchase and use APA’s software program.  But that program is glitchy and often needs overriding.  So those required to use APA to get their work published can benefit from the assistance of an expert to review it, make changes, and format it so that it will be accepted.

APA Style’s rules are internally contradictory, so on-the-spot decisions about which rule to use must be made contextually during the editing and transcription process.  These contradictions can be frustrating if you’re not accustomed to using APA routinely. 

Moreover, changes occur in every new release—headings are formatted differently from one edition to the next; elements of citations are altered with every new edition of the APA Publication Manual.  AND some publication houses prefer one edition over another.

So it is imperative that a good editor be on top of every edition of the APA Manual, and file away in her brain all those minute details so that she can make absolutely certain the client’s submissions are done according to whatever protocols are required.

Editing and transcription that comply with APA Style demand serious attention to detail.  That’s what Writers Rescue gives to our clients.  The Testimonials on this website attest to that fact. 

Writers Rescue is expert in APA Style.  Relieve your stress and leave your APA headaches behind - bring your work to Writers Rescue.  You’ll be happy you did.


Writers Rescue · writersrescueberkeley@gmail.com · 510.848.4990
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