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Client Testimonials

Not only is Marcy McGaugh of Writers Rescue the best transcriber I’ve ever used in terms of her precision and dependability, she is very smart and I get world class editing as well.
Howard Varinsky, President, Howard Varinsky Associates Jury Consulting
Recognized as the leading jury consultant in U.S., in some of the world’s most famous high profile cases (e.g., Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, and Scott Peterson).

Marcy McGaugh provides an excellent word processing service. She is efficient and gets the work out on time. Most important, she is extremely accurate, even when transcribing from tapes. Her rates are very fair, and she is a consummate professional. In more than 20 years working with her, and two dozen books, I have never had a single problem.
Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Publisher, New Harbinger Books

Document Preparation

Marcy's work is efficient, accurate and an excellent value!
Don George, Editor, RECCE, Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler; Host, Don's Place: Adventure travel stories, interviews, books and more

Marcy has been a lifesaver.  Her work is exemplary, her rates are very reasonable and she goes out of her way to accommodate our deadlines, even on short notice. 
Patricia Steele, Varinsky Associates, Jury Consultants, Emeryville, CA 

Marcy, You are a GODDESS! Thanks for the quick turn.
D. Angus, ICV Digital Media, Inc.

I've used Marcy McGaugh and Writers Rescue for well over ten years now; from manuscripts to papers to the odd educational document, I have found no equal in Berkeley. She's easy to get along with and never yells at me.
Terrence MacClure, College Counselor, Berkeley, California

I am a PhD Marriage and Family Therapist working in the Berkeley area for 30 years. I also write articles for professional magazines and newsletters.  Marcy has been a lifesaver for me as she is an expert editor as well as preparer of my manuscripts.  I have used her services all throughout my PhD studies and have always been happy with her work.  I am in law school and could not have received the great grades I got without her expert help. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in quality work on a timely basis. 
Dr. Gabriela Kramer

I have a major manuscript I'm preparing for publication and I am turning to Marcy because I have found her work to be of high quality and produced in a courteous and timely manner. 
David Randolph, author and professor

Marcy's astonishing skills allowed me to get through my undergrad and grad degrees and then get articles ready for publications in professional journals.  Without her steadfast support I'd still be working in restaurants. 
Dean Peacock, Co-Director, Sonke Gender Justice, Cape Town, South Africa


Marcy helped me out tremendously!  I used her services to edit my master's thesis.  I couldn't have done it without all of her help.  She put me at ease when I was a ball of nerves!  She helped me convey my points clearly and concisely.  She works hard and is worth every penny.  I have recommended her to many other students.
Renee Redman, FNP, MSN

Marcy is an excellent editor. She helped me make my thesis comply to the APA standard. Her help was crucial in having my thesis get accepted by the university. Even after giving me the edited copy, she was quick to respond to my questions and helped me meet my tight deadline. I strongly endorse her work and would definitely use her services if the need arises.
Jui Maru, Psychology student, San Jose State University

Marcy McGaugh's Writers Rescue has been a lifesaver to me over four books, including four revised editions of one of them, spanning 30 years or more. I have relied on her impeccable document preparation, editing and rewriting, and will be at a loss to know where I can turn for such reliable service were she not available. She has also been extremely forthcoming in answering goofy questions I have had about my computer, references, citations, figures, tables, illustrations, etc., etc. She is one of Berkeley's treasures.
Barbara Scales, Ed.D.


Marcy McGaugh is not only true to her business name, Writers Rescue, handling difficult material as fast as humanly possible, but she does it all with tremendous empathy and great advice.  Her typing of difficult and lengthy transcriptions of clinical interviews I conducted in Germany and Switzerland with couples speaking imperfect English was perfect!  Once you've used Marcy's services, you will never look elsewhere.
Michele Ritterman, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Author and Lecturer

Over the years, Marcy McGaugh has typed many of our longitudinal study interviews, which are essential for our analysis of the study data. Marcy's work is accurate, and she is always both prompt and careful. She is a delight to work with. You will not find a more professional transcriber!
Carolyn Cowan, Adjunct Professor Emerita, Dept. of Psychology, UC Berkeley

Marcy McGaugh, of Writers Rescue, has "rescued" me frequently - always with accurate and rapid transcriptions of either audio or videotapes.  I can recommend her highly!
Susie O'Neal, Proprietor, Perfect Pages

Marcy was wonderful to work with.  She took the time to understand exactly how I wanted things transcribed, and then worked quickly and accurately.  Whenever someone asks if I know a good transcriptionist, I recommend Marcy.
Anne Rifkin, Boston, MA

I have used Marcy's transcription services for many years. She is amazingly accurate, with fast turn-around and reasonable prices. I recommend her without reservation.
Robert Allen, Professor, African American & Ethnic Studies, University of California at Berkeley

Marcy's work is top-notch.  She's available and responsive, and the quality of her transcriptions—even with garbled and heavily-accented speech— is amazingly accurate.  I have complete confidence in her transcription of my research interviews.
Isaac Mankita, Office of the CIO, University of California, Berkeley

Marcy has been transcribing confidential reports for me for years.  She is quick, efficient, accurate and detail oriented.  She is also a delightful person to work with.  I highly recommend her.
Barbara Kaimowitz, MFT

Marcy McGaugh is terrific. She is fast, super-accurate, professional, and gets things done when she says she will. You'll like her.
Barbara Falconer Newhall, Oakland writer

Marcy McGaugh helped me create book manuscript, many articles, and much correspondence from tapes that I had dictated rather imperfectly. She is smart and patient and didn't complain about my mid-sentence changes. More importantly she figured out and interpreted what I wanted say accurately. When I returned my first drafts with many additions and insertions, the ordinary human found them hard to read but Super Marcy could cope. Do yourself a favor and hire this competent, smart thinker and editor.
Galen Cranz, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Architecture, University of California Berkeley

Students in the UC, Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program have been using Marcy's services for many years. Her reputation for fair pricing, quick turnaround time, and impeccable delivery continues to this day. Marcy is easy to work with, flexible, and extremely helpful in advising students on how to arrange the interview session that allows for clear recording, and, ultimately, economical transcription costs.
Nina Green, UC Berkeley

Marcy McGaugh has been a great help to me and my work. I had major technical problems with my recording devices and helped me with them all. She took a significant amount of time to make sure I got the right assistance on top of all the transcription work she did for me. I really appreciated her expertise and concern.
Elizabeth Marlowe, School of Nursing, UCSF

Writers Rescue · writersrescueberkeley@gmail.com · 510.848.4990
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